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locksmith LeedsIf you’ve ever tried to get a locksmith out in the Leeds area before. You may know that it’s not always that easy to get hold of a professional locksmith that won’t charge you an arm and a leg for services free at the time and date you need them to be.

Well if you’re in the market for a professional locksmith service right now. Look no further than the experienced 24/7 quick response team at locksmith Leeds. We’re a no fuss no mess locksmith service with over 25 years experience and all of the tools and skills to make any locksmith problem a thing of the past. With both commercial and residential capabilities we’re able to provide a top notch service from beginning to end. 


Here’s a brief list of services we’re able to provide at any time in the Leeds and surrounding areas;


  • Non Destructive Entry Gaining
  • Lock Changes
  • Lock Repairs
  • Upvc Door & Window Repairs
  • Garage & Other External Locks
  • Safe Opening
  • New Lock Installation
  • Commercial & Residential Locksmith Services
  • 24/7 365 Day A Year Service
  • No Call Out Fees & No VAT
  • Fast Response Emergency & Everyday Locksmith Services
  • Plus Much More..

Don’t fret if you can’t see the service you’re after listed above. One call with our professional experienced team will put your mind at ease.

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Euro Cylinders Explained By Locksmith Leeds

euro cylinders locksmith leedsAs you can imagine there’s quite a few different types of lock. In this post we’re going to explain all about the locks we in the industry refer to as euro cylinders. Euro cylinders are most commonly used on Upvc doors but have other uses and can be used on other materials of door too. Euro cylinders are widely used because they’re relatively secure, cheap and easy  to replace and can be configured to suit the users needs. For instance, not only can you get euro cylinders with key entry both sides of the lock. But you can also get them with thumb turns on one side and key entry on the other. This is for the convenience of the customer and is commonly found on front doors.

Euro cylinders come in different shapes but the standard, most commonly used shape almost resembles a light bulb or an ice cream cone. However you can find them also in oval shapes amongst others. And of course they come in different colours. Euro cylinders also come with different safety ratings from very basic all the way through to the 3 star anti-snap euro cylinders that we use when we’re replacing our customers euro cylinder.

Anti snap euro cylinders are advised as the most common type of break in of these locks is call lock snapping or cylinder snapping. It’s where the burglars manipulate the lock out of position and violently shake it until it snaps. When it’s snapped all they need to do is push the pins into the right place and the burglars will be in. However this threat is eliminated with anti snap euro cylinders. Call today for more information.

Emergency Access Locksmith Leeds

Locksmith LeedsForgetting your keys as you walk out the house or losing them on a messy night out can be a real pain. Being locked out as a result of a faulty lock can be even more annoying. Luckily when you fall victim to these problems in the Leeds and close by areas you can count on Locksmith Leeds to get you back in to your home or business. With no call out fees and no VAT locksmith Leeds can be with you in no time at all with a free over the phone quote for you before we even send someone out. This ensures you’re never surprised when we hand you the bill whilst also making us one of the most reliable and competitively priced locksmith services around.

Our honest and transparent approach coupled with our competitive prices and fast response times available 24/7 365 days of the year makes our number the perfect number to save for a rainy day. We’ll get out to you no matter the date or time with no call out fee ready to use our over 25 years experience to help you out wth whatever problems you might be facing. Whether you need an access locksmith Leeds. Or perhaps you need a lock change or even a new lock installation. We even deal with garage, patio nd Upvc doors and windows.

No Fuss No Mess..

Call us now and speak to the team. You’ll know from just a short chat with us that you’re in safe hands. As do all of the people and businesses we help out on a daily basis all across the Leeds and nearby areas. Say goodbye to waiting hours for a supposedly emergency locksmith. And welcome in the new age of getting what you need when you need it from the team here at locksmith Leeds.

Locksmith Leeds Security Inspection

Locksmith LeedsIf you’re looking for someone to review your home or business security. Locksmith Leeds can help you with a security inspection. In this security inspection we’ll take a look at your current home security setup. And then give you tips and tricks in order to improve it. For instance did you know that something as simple as an external motion triggered light can reduce the chances of burglary by over half. It’s likely that people attempting to burglarise your home or place of work will have plan or an idea of how they’d like things to go.

Something like an external motion triggered light can deter criminals because the unexpectedness of it triggers a fight or flight reaction. if there’s nothing to fight the reaction will almost certainly be flight. Other things like high security locks and bells on garden fences can also have the same effect. Not all of the suggestions will be expensive and because this service is free and we don’t charge call out fees it’s well worth having.

Most people don’t know but security almost always starts in your front or back garden. This is most peoples first line of defence against criminals. This is why it’s so important to take the necessary steps in order to deter potential burglars before they reach your home. If you can stop burglars from entering your garden you’ll be able to stop them entering your house. Did you know that a CCTV warning sign can be super effective against burglars even if you don’t have CCTV. Call and speak to one of our specialist team today about how we can help you improve your home or workplace security today.

Locksmith Leeds No Call Out Fees No VAT…

Locksmith LeedsWe’ll be able to tell you in no time at all whether we’re able to provide you with the service you require and we can even give you a price on the service before we come out to you. Meaning you don’t have to commit to anything if you don’t like the price given.


Furthermore we can also help you with you at home or at your place of work. For no extra charge. Whether you need us to replace the locks at the office or add some extra security to your home. Our experienced dedicated team will help you become lock trouble free at a time and date to suit you with no call out fees and no VAT.