Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does A Locksmith Cost UK?

As a locksmith service in the UK we feel like we’re very much qualified to answer this frequently asked question. Although there’s not really a straight answer to this question because the price of a locksmith can often depend on a variety of things such as time of day and the complexity of a job. However an average job like a lock change or entry gaining services in the day are usually priced between £89-£120 plus any parts if and when they’re required. Our prices are much lower than the average rates in the day and don’t tend to increase too much out of hours. This is thanks to our no call out fee policy and not charging VAT also helps us to keep our prices nice and competitive.

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Can A Locksmith Fix A Car Ignition?

Personally our service doesn’t provide auto locksmith services. As of yet although we are looking to add these services in the future. A lot of the locksmith services you may ring might not provide these services. This is because auto locksmithing and regular locksmithing are quite different. If you require any locksmith services to do with your car it’s best to look for an auto locksmith. These guys will specialise in vehicle locks often the same day you call them if required.

Can I Break Into My Own House?

Legally speaking it’s completely okay to break into your own property when you’re locked out. However if you haven’t got the correct training. And are thinking about breaking in via smashing a window or breaking a lock. It would be advisable to contact your local locksmith service. To see if they can provide you with a cheaper alternative as replacing windows will almost certainly always be more expensive. Than calling out a locksmith to gain entry for you.